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cnc granite bridge saw stone cutting machine for sale
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cnc granite bridge saw stone cutting machine for sale

Hualong Machinery HLSQ-450 cnc granite bridge saw stone cutting machine is constructed with the integrated structure of Siemens PLC control system. One-button automatic operation. Bridge cutting machine is simple and convenient. Especially suitable for the Cutting marble slab.
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Bridge Cutting Machinebridge saw for salegranite bridge saw for sale

HLSQ-450 automatic bridge edge stone cutting machine is the main equipment for stone cutting and processing. This machine is suitable for cutting and processing granite and marble slabs, and is an essential stone processing equipment in the stone industry. The fully automatic bridge cutting machine of Fujian Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed with an integrated structure. The machine is controlled by Siemens PLC, and adopts programmable logic controller, frequency converter, touch screen display, etc., with simple and intuitive operation and positioning. Accuracy, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, convenient transportation, no debugging and so on. The product has the characteristics of: head rotation angle (0-270 degrees), saw blade swing angle (0-45 degrees), table inclination (0-85 degrees) and rotation angle (0-360 degrees).

Main Features

stone bridge sawHualong Stone Machinery Hlsq-450 Bridge Type Autom_副本3

Details Images


Linear Guide

Brand: Hiwin

Original: Taiwan, China


Control system

Brand: Siemens


Laser Reticule Apparatus

Origin: China


Machine Part

Name: Incremental Encoder

Brand: ELCO from Germany


Electric Cabinet

Brand: Siemens, Schneider, Sanch...

Quality electrics used to ensure stable performance.


Optional Accessaries

Remote Control

For control the movement of 3 axises conviniently.

Hydraulic Giant     For cleaning

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Hf6a6bbbeb2c24193999f6b8f780236c8y.webpcnc bridge saw

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