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What's stone cutting machine?
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What's stone cutting machine?

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Define of stone cutting machine.

A Stone Cutting Machine is also called stone sawing machine.It’s a kind of equipment that process cutting on natural marble,granite,tiles or artificial stone materials. A stone cutting machine mainly contains main machine system, electrical control system, machine table, concrete or steel legs and spare parts. It can cut different size and different kinds of stone material such as quarry,block,slabs etc.Here in this article you will see everything about stone cutting machine.

History present and future of stone cutting machine

It has a long history for human beings to use stone for cutting. More than half a million years ago, people knew to use stone as a tool to cut other stones, make tools to hunt, trim caves and maintain daily life. Stone can be said to be the oldest tool for processing and cutting.As to the development of the society,we are using more and more stone cutting machine in our daily life.Many of our cutting machines are more advanced and automatic than before.The future development of stone cutting machinery will be more diversified, high efficiency, precision, automation and assembly line.

Why we need a stone cutting machine.

Stone cutting machine takes a more and more important roles in the stone industry and house declaration industry.The mechanization on stone cutting industry can greatly improve the efficiency of stone processing and save resources in the process of stone cutting, obviously improve the quality of stone products, continuously develop new products to meet the market demand, protect safety of workers, protect the environment, comprehensively utilize resources, etc.

Types of stone cutting machine

We can sort the stone cutting machine according to the cutting size,cutting objects,automation and cutting methods.If we sort the stone cutting machine into different cutting size,three are stone mining machine,block cutting machine,slab cutting machine etc.And if we sort it into different objects, we can have marble cutting machine,granite cutting and tile cutting machine.And we have manual cutting machine,half automatic cutting machine and full automatic cutting machine if we sort it by processing automation. If we sort it by cutting methods,we can have stone circular saw blade cutting machine,stone band saw cutting machine,wire saw stone cutting machine and stone water jet cutting machine etc.

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