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What Is Multi Wire Cutting Machine
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What Is Multi Wire Cutting Machine

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Multi wire cutting (MWM) is a new kind of cutting method, which takes the abrasive into the semiconductor processing area for grinding through the high-speed reciprocating motion of metal wire, and cuts the semiconductor and other hard and brittle materials into hundreds of thin sheets at the same time. Numerical control multi wire cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional inner circle cutting and become the main way of silicon wafer cutting.

Based on the key technology of high-precision, high-speed and low consumption cutting control, the high-precision numerical control multi wire high-speed cutting machine can realize the high-precision, high-speed and low consumption cutting of magnetic materials and various hard and brittle materials, which fills the domestic blank; The results have a number of independent intellectual property rights, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level. Among them, the tension control technology of cutting line and the synchronization technology of winding motor and main motor are at the international leading level.

Silicon wafer is the main production material in semiconductor and photovoltaic field. Silicon multi wire cutting technology is an advanced silicon processing technology in the world. It is different from traditional cutting methods such as saw blade and grinding wheel blade, and also different from advanced laser cutting and inner circle cutting. Its principle is that a high-speed steel wire drives the cutting edge attached to the steel wire to rub the silicon rod, so as to achieve the cutting effect. In the whole process, the steel wire is guided by more than ten wire rollers to form a wire net on the main line roller, and the workpiece to be processed is fed by the descent of the worktable. Compared with other technologies, silicon multi wire cutting technology has the advantages of high efficiency, high productivity and high precision. It is the most widely used silicon wafer cutting technology at present.

Multi wire slicing (MWS) is an innovative technology for cutting brittle and hard materials (such as silicon ingot). In this process, the cutting line is wound on a guide shaft, and hundreds of slices can be obtained by cutting at the same time.

MWS process can be further divided into two branches, one is the traditional and widely used cutting and polishing process, the other is the new cutting and grinding process. In the cutting and polishing process, the cutting line without coating is used. In the cutting process, the cutting line is coated with polishing liquid. The cutting and grinding process uses the cutting line with emery coating, which can obtain the ideal segmentation effect and greatly improve the production efficiency.

Multi wire cutting technology can be used to cut hard and brittle materials, such as Nd-Fe-B, ferrite, SM CO and other magnetic materials, in addition, it can also be used to split hard cutting materials. The process has the following advantages

(1) With high economic benefit, it can cut hundreds to thousands of magnetic pieces at a time

(2) The depth of crystal defect is small

(3) Less geometric defects (TTV, bow, deviation, etc.)

(4) It is suitable for cutting hard and brittle materials

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