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What Are The Two Working Principles Of Stone Polishing Machine and Terrazzo Equipment

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1. Particle grinding: when the abrasive particles are polished from coarse to fine, the grinding traces on the stone surface will be very smooth, flat and delicate. When the depth reaches 110 μ m, the processed surface will have mirror luster, bright luster and bright color.

Particle grinding includes the following steps:

(1) Rough grinding: it requires deep cutting ability, high grinding efficiency, rough grinding line and rough grinding surface, mainly to remove the saw blade traces left by the previous process and grind the flatness and forming surface of the product in place;

(2) Semi finish grinding: remove rough grinding traces, form new fine lines, stone polishing machine processing surface smooth;

(3) Fine grinding: after fine grinding, the pattern, particle and color of the product have been clearly displayed, the surface is delicate, and there is a weak glossiness;

(4) Fine grinding: there is no trace in the visual inspection of the processed products. The surface is more and more smooth, glossiness is about 40 ~ 50 degrees;

(5) Polishing: the surface is as bright as a mirror, with a certain specular gloss (above 85 degrees).

2. Physicochemical principle: stone polishing machine has two polishing processes, namely "dry polishing" and "wet polishing". When the polishing stone is between "dry" and "wet", the stone products will have physical and chemical effects. When the surface temperature of stone increases, the concentration of polishing stone increases due to water evaporation, so as to achieve the strengthening effect. The gloss of the product starts to meet the ideal requirements, and the gloss reaches above 85 degrees.

The above is about the two working principles of stone polishing machine related knowledge, you must learn a lot from it, if you have doubts about the follow-up knowledge, we will provide answers for you!

Floor polishing machine is also called terrazzo machine. Construction machinery is equipped with rotary grinding stone to polish terrazzo floor. It is a kind of mechanical equipment used for slurry lifting, leveling and polishing of cement concrete surface. The motor of the terrazzo machine drives the grinding plate to rotate through the gear reducer and flexible coupling. The case of the reducer is connected with the frame. Two wheels are installed under the frame. The center of gravity of the whole machine is in front of the two wheels. Taking this opportunity to ensure a certain pressure with the ground, the grinding plate can be brought back to the ground, so as to obtain good grinding effect and improve the grinding speed. When transferring, tilt the center of gravity of the whole machine to the wheel and drag it at will. Generally, three grinding blocks are installed on the round grinding plate and fixed with inclined wedge, which is convenient for assembly, disassembly and replacement.

A flexible coupling is installed between the output shaft and the grinding plate of the terrazzo machine, which can not only transfer the torque, but also make the grinding plate swing freely with the floor, so as to ensure the good contact between the rotation of the grinding block and the floor surface, so as to ensure the smoothness of the grinding surface. The protective cover is installed around the grinding plate to prevent the abrasive dust from splashing, and the gap between the protective cover and the ground can be adjusted. The wheel is connected with the frame through the adjusting device, and the position can be adjusted at any time according to the abrasion of the sand block. The electric switch of terrazzo machine is installed on the handle and can be controlled at any time. It is suitable for large area terrazzo operation such as floor and step.

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