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What Are The Safety Precautions For The Use Of Automatic stone Polishing Machines
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What Are The Safety Precautions For The Use Of Automatic stone Polishing Machines

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1. Operators must wear protective equipment such as gloves and earplugs when going to work, and strictly follow the operating procedures.

2. All rotating parts of the automatic polishing machine must be properly protected and installed.

3. During the polishing process, no part of the body should be close to the moving part of the polishing machine, let alone standing on the polishing machine to prevent injury.

4. The grinding head motor must be turned off when replacing abrasives, and gloves cannot be used during the changing process.

5. When the grinding head is rotating, it is not allowed to put your hands under the grinding head, and it is not allowed to stretch the head to look near the grinding head to avoid being injured.

6. When the automatic polishing machine is started, stop stepping on or crossing over the frame and the conveyor belt to avoid falling and injury.

7. When disposing of blocked bricks, stacked billets, broken billets, and broken brick cassettes, it is necessary to turn off the power and shut down, and hang a safety warning sign on the electrical cabinet.

8. The spare grinding block stacked on the auto polishing machine can't exceed one layer. Waste grinding blocks should not be placed on the machine body, but should be placed in the waste box next to the machine.

9. When changing the belt or repairing the polishing machine, it is necessary to cut off the power first, and hang up safety warning signs such as "Someone check and repair, stop closing" and other safety warning signs in the electric control cabinet of the machine to prevent others from turning on the machine by mistake without knowing it. Injury to personnel being repaired.

10. When clearing the accumulated mud on the ground, you should wear water shoes, sandals, slippers, and barefoot to avoid being injured by sharp debris.

11. Wear gloves when digging a ditch. Do not dig or dig with your hands directly to avoid injury or cuts from sharp debris.

12. Do not splash water on the motor, electric cabinet, switch, and power cord when washing the floor to avoid leakage, short circuit, and electric shock accidents.

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