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Types and Key Point Of Automatic stone Polishing Machine
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Types and Key Point Of Automatic stone Polishing Machine

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According to the polishing function, the automatic polishing machine is divided into automatic rough polishing machine and automatic fine polishing machine. They are the first process of polishing and the second process of polishing. The following examples will introduce respectively.

Automatic polishing machine installs the physical characteristics of the object. According to the data, it can be simply divided into: flat surface automatic polishing machine, spherical surface automatic polishing machine, curved surface automatic polishing machine, steel belt automatic polishing machine, profiling automatic polishing machine, rotating body automatic polishing machine, Plastic automatic polishing machine, acrylic automatic polishing machine, etc. have the difference between general-purpose and special-purpose models.

It is not easy to distinguish between general-purpose models and special-purpose models. Both have a certain degree of versatility and specificity. Such as plane automatic polishing machine. In the production, if it is non-standardized according to specific objects. Then only flat objects can be polished. Everyone knows that the size of objects is different. When leaving the factory, the work surface of the automatic polishing machine has been fixed. To deal with multiple objects will be affected by now. Therefore, engineers must consider the versatility of the automatic polishing machine when designing. It is generally designed according to the largest object size. Or designed as a multifunctional automatic polishing machine.

The key to the polishing operation of the automatic polishing machine is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damaged layer generated during polishing as soon as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer must not affect the final observed tissue, that is, it will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarser abrasives to ensure a higher polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deeper; the latter requires the use of the finest material to make the polishing damage layer shallower, but polishing The rate is low.

The best way to solve this contradiction is to divide polishing into two stages. The purpose of rough polishing is to remove the polished damage layer. This stage should have the maximum polishing rate. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, but it should also be as small as possible; the second is fine polishing (or final polishing). Its purpose is to remove surface damage caused by rough polishing and minimize polishing damage. The operation of the automatic polishing machine is relatively simple, and the operator only needs to place the object to be polished on the corresponding fixture in advance. Fix the fixture on the worktable of the automatic polishing machine. Start the automatic polishing machine, the automatic polishing machine completes the polishing work within the set time, and automatically stops, just unload the object from the workbench. Before polishing by automatic polishing machine, the distance between the polishing head and the work surface needs to be adjusted. In order to achieve the best contact effect, throw the best effect. Manual waxing can be used in the polishing process to reduce the production cost of the machine.

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