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Tips on How to Choose A Granite Table Saw
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Tips on How to Choose A Granite Table Saw

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The granite table saw is likely the most widely used tool for cutting stone. Every building and construction site that with stone materials needs a table saw to cut stone tiles into required shape to fit for its application spot. To buy a granite table saw, the consideration should not only be made in view of finances, but also in terms of safety and productivity.

Granite table saw is commonly designed to be portable with compact structure. It is often used by building contractors on their job site. When they finish a project and shift to a new one, the table saw also needs to be moved to the new job site. So, the table is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum to minimize the machine weight. The blade slide guiding bridge and table saw legs are much lighter in weight as well. Either for a 1000mm length effective table saw or a 2000mm length effective table saw, portability is their top concern, which is even more important then accuracy and power.

All granite table saws have a fence on their table. The fence must be firmly fixed in its site and be perpendicular to the blade cutting direction. A fence that flexes or slides during the use of table saw may cause an un-straight edge on the tile cut by the saw, chances are that it may cause the saw blade to bind with stone tile. When choosing a table saw, if you find that the fence is easily movable, it’s better turn to other  brands. Otherwise you will likely be frustrated when using the saw after you get it home.

Traditionally, there is 0-45 degree bevel adjustment on most stable saws to enable blade tilt. Of course, the tilt mechanism has a way to locks in that adjusted angle for repeat works. Table saw with a meter gauge for angle adjustment reference is preferred.

A lot of dust is created during the table saw operation. Using a dust control system with your table saw will keep the saw’s motor running cooler and the gearing cleaner. The common way we do is to spray water onto the stone tile during blade cutting. The water will cool down blade temperature caused by high speed cutting and take away most of the dust. That would be fine if you have a small water pump to recycle the cooling water.

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