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Tile Polishing Machine

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Tile Polishing Machine

HMS-1800 uses a cylinder as the guiding sliding surface, so that the machine can automatically rise and fall smoothly. The machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing the surface of granite, marble and quartz stone slabs, and is especially suitable for the processing of tombstones and stone slab thickness. It can process stone with thickness of 10mm-400mm.
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marble polishing machine

HHMS-1800 is a stone polishing machine with electric lift and manual operation. Electric control can be used to automatically and smoothly lift. HHMS-1800 is mainly suitable for surface grinding and polishing of granite, marble and quartz slabs with a thickness of 10 to 400 mm.


1) Manual operation, no need for complicated professional settings, easy to operate.

2) The handle of the grinder can be rotated from 0° to 360°, and semi-automatic or manual movement can be selected.

3) The electric lifting cantilever can adjust the range of operation and can polish a wide range.

4) Polishing with pneumatic cylinder pulse grinding disc.

5) Although HHMS-1800 is cheap, it has complete functions and high overall cost performance, which can basically meet the needs of small processing plants.

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