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The latest technology for stone cutting machine
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The latest technology for stone cutting machine

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With the continuous development of the decoration market, stone has gradually become one of the necessary decoration materials for the public. In recent years, with the continuous development of the stone industry, the stone industry also faces many problems. At present, as long as the processing and production of the stone industry is mainly based on manual and machine production and processing, the production and processing efficiency is not only underground, but also the labor cost is increasing year by year. For production-oriented enterprises For example, unmanned production is the future development trend.

The 20th China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo and stone design week concluded successfully on November 8-11, 2019. The leading enterprises in the whole stone industry chain of this exhibition competed with the latest products and technical equipment to appear, promoted together with peers in the industry, and at the same time, once again improved their brand awareness and influence. Shuitou Stone Fair is also constantly innovating itself, and the machinery and equipment for production and processing of stone enterprises are constantly optimized, that is to say, the technology and the whole production process of stone materials are constantly improved to ensure the maximum utilization of stone materials and greatly improve productivity.

Fujian Julun Machinery officially launched the world's first granite intelligent automation production system at the Shuitou stone Expo. This automation system is different from other stone machinery production equipment on the market, but takes the intelligent operation control system as the core, integrates the stone production and processing and other processes, and provides intelligent automatic production plus for granite enterprises Industrial solutions and unmanned production systems. Help stone enterprises to establish intelligent automatic production plants, and ultimately maximize the benefits. Caicai automation system can help enterprises save 90% of the operating cost of human resources and improve the working efficiency by more than six times. The intelligent automatic production system of granite makes the whole process of production and processing of stone enterprises in a stable state, precise implementation, safer production and processing, more environmental protection, more assurance of stone product quality, and more value of stone production automation.

Stone enterprises can go to the step of intelligent manufacturing through intelligent automatic production, help enterprises realize the automation of decision-making and business process, help the industry transformation and upgrading and explore new diversified business models.

Let the stone enterprise realize unmanned intelligent production and processing in the whole process of production and processing, let the stone production and processing create higher value for the enterprise, and the stone industry will develop better and more intelligent in the future.

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