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The Working Principle of Stone Polishing Machine
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The Working Principle of Stone Polishing Machine

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Stone polishing machine is a kind of stone refurbishment machine, mainly used for stone refurbishment crystal surface, stone refurbishment and maintenance. The stone polishing machine is mainly suitable for granite, marble, artificial stone, terrazzo, etc. This article will introduce the related knowledge of stone polishing machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The working principle of stone polishing machine.

The company has stone polishing machine products.

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The working principle of stone polishing machine.

1. The stone polishing machine is a precision single-sided grinding and polishing equipment. The material to be ground and polished is placed on the grinding disc. The grinding disc rotates counterclockwise. The correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate. The workpiece is pressed by gravity and the workpiece is opposed to the grinding disc. Running friction to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing stone polishing machine.

2. The grinding disc dressing mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension rail to reciprocate back and forth, and the diamond dressing knife precisely dresses the grinding surface of the grinding disc to obtain an ideal plane effect.

Particle grinding of stone polishing machine: When the abrasive particles change from coarse grinding to fine grinding and polishing, the marks on the surface of the stone from coarse to fine to no visible marks, the surface appears smooth, flat, and delicate. Up to 110 microns, the processed surface has a mirror-like luster and bright color.

The physical and chemical principle of stone polishing machine: The polishing process of stone polishing machine includes "dry polishing and wet polishing". When the polishing stone is between "dry and wet", when the stone product has physical and chemical effects, dry polishing is caused by the increase in the surface temperature of the stone. The evaporation of water causes the concentration of the polishing grindstone to increase, thereby achieving a strengthening effect. The gloss of the product has begun to meet the ideal requirements, and the gloss can reach 85 degrees or higher.

The company has stone polishing machine products.

Fujian Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. Its predecessor is Dounan Machinery Factory founded in 1990. It is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of stone quarrying machines, block cutting machines and stone bridge machines. Saws, stone polishing machines and CNC machine tools. We have become one of the leading manufacturers of stone machinery in China. Fujian Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. owns 81 patents and was rated as a high-tech enterprise by the government. Products sell well in all provinces across the country. Stone polishing machines, stone floor polishing machines, small stone polishing machines, stone edging machines, stone CNC machine tools are also exported to the United States, India, Germany, Britain, Italy, Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, etc.

Hualong is a high-quality wire mesh stone machinery company specializing in precision stone machinery, stone processing machinery, automated stone machinery, stone cutting machines and stone polishing machines.

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Fujian Province Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1997 , evolved from Dounan machinery factory which founded in 1990,is a professional engaged in the research, development...

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