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The Technical Standard for Granite Edge Cutting Machine
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The Technical Standard for Granite Edge Cutting Machine

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We offer a special small stone edge cutter for stone fabricating shops. It is a small investment, price only $3200. It’s dedicated to cutting small size stone piece which is quite often. For example, edge cutting, slot cutting and profile cutting. The table top can rotate 360 degree. So it is very convenient to adjust the angle of the stone piece to fit for blade.

According to the stone thickness, you can choose between blade diameter 400mm, 600mm and 800mm. The blade motor is 5.5kw, 7.5kw and 11kw accordingly. These motors are powerful to drive blade cutting easy.

The stone edge cutter blade has a 1100mm vertical moving range. This enables it to cut some stone pieces with big height. Blade lifting/lowering movement is motorized. The cast iron machine body gives it high rigidity during stone cutting.

In last twenty years, granite edge cutting machine is widely used in stone processing plants, just because it is a machine with compact and reasonable structure, easy installation and maintenance, high cutting precision, and most importantly, it is cheap in price. Due to that stone edge cutting is the last stage in stone process, the performance of the granite edge cutting machine has much to do with produced slab quality and the profit making ability of the stone processing plants. If this machine doesn’t perform well, the former effort such as stone quarrying, block cutting, slab calibrating, polishing will have no any value.

To achieve a good performance, the assembly of granite edge cutting machine must adhere to required technical standard.

1) In the rails for blade horizontal and vertical movement, the distance between rail surface pressing block and rail surface should be less than 0.15mm.

2) Belt wheel radial run-out in both blade motor and blade spindle should be less than 0.05mm.

3) The clearance for blade motor belt wheel and blade spindle belt wheel to be on same flat surface should be less than 1.5mm.

4) The clearance for two table rails to be parallel should be less than 0.05mm/m.

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