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The Granite Sink Cutting Machine Allows You to Fabricate Your Own Kitchen Countertop
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The Granite Sink Cutting Machine Allows You to Fabricate Your Own Kitchen Countertop

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Granite is a beautiful and hard material that is ideal for countertops. It’s able to resist scratching, staining, molding, and mildew, which happens every day in a kitchen. However, this nature of granite also makes it more challenging to cut. So we can see that most granite countertops are cut by professional fabricators. If you want to experience the interesting process of fabricating a countertop for your kitchen, you can also do it, as long as you have a granite sink cutting machine at hand and the right amount of patience.

The following are some guides on how you should make it.

1.Measure your granite slab multiple times to decide the layout of countertop. Then use inexpensive material to create a template for your countertop. You don’t want to try the cutting or mistakes happen on the granite, any of which may cause costly loss.

2.Put the granite slab on a firm frame table and fix the template on slab surface. To cut a hole in the slab, you need to swing the arm of granite sink cutting machine repeatedly to follow the template, until the hole is cut through.

3.It’s better to buy a collar to be placed on the two sides of the saw to reduce vibration, which can otherwise having the risk of granite chipping.

4.Remember to sharpen your blade if it gets dull after being used for some time. Because a dull blade increases the risk of chipping or cracking your granite slab.

5.The cutting process generates big amount of stone dust. To minimize the mess, you need to supply water for the saw during it is in cutting. The water will not only adsorb the dust, but more importantly cool the granite and blade to prevent them from overheating.

6.Make sure that you wear mask and glasses for the granite hole cutting, so that the dust will not get into your mouth and the debris will not hurt your eyes.

7.After you have cut the hole through the granite slab, smooth out the rough curved edges with grinding tools.

8.Finally, of course you need to clean the granite sink cutting machine and send it back to the machine owner if you get it by rental.

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