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The Features of Automatic Stone Polishing Machine
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The Features of Automatic Stone Polishing Machine

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Automatic stone polishing machine is modern stone processing equipment with strong power and high reliability. It is produced by advanced technology in nowadays. The users of this machine all say it is very easy and convenient to operate. The machine has the following features.

1) When the machine is in working status, operator can easily see from the LCD display its current working performance, as well as its last polishing performance and next polishing performance. This helps the users make right judgment of next polishing stage.

2) Silent and powerful motor is controlled by frequency converter and some precise V-shape transmission belts. The new tightening technology without adjusting the belts ensures the machine can work not making much noise.

3) The polishing pressure executed on the slab is controlled by electric balance vale. So the slab will not break in case the polishing pressure is too big.

4) The LCD touch screen of automatic stone polishing machine can be installed either in the right or left end of this machine. The users can easily establish or revise a program via the touch screen, record as many as 100 polishing programs, and manage all the functions of the machine.

Automatic Granite Polishing Machine Operation Rules

1. Read the operation manual carefully before starting the machine.

2. Make an examination of the automatic granite polishing machine before starting it, if the cooling water system, electric power system and pneumatic system are in good condition, if all the polishing head are lifted.

3. Switch on the control cabinet, input password and enter the bridge and conveyer belt parameter setting page. Input polishing parameter according to slab size and required slab surface finish.

4. Manually control the bridge to move to the end of transversal support.

5. Press the button to let the machine works in automatic mode.

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