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The Development Of stone machinery
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The Development Of stone machinery

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Global scale production has become the mainstream of the development of major multinational companies. While continuing to combine and reorganize and expand their competitiveness, major enterprises have also strengthened their investment and research and development in their main businesses, and continuously improved their system integrity and individualization, and their ability to adapt to diverse markets.

First, the basic status

Developed countries attach great importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry, not only in the proportion, accumulation, employment and contribution of their own industries, but also because the equipment manufacturing industry provides an important material basis for the development and production of new technologies and new products, which is a modernization Economically indispensable strategic industries, even industrialized countries that have entered the "information society", all attach great importance to the development of machinery manufacturing.

Second, the development is extremely unbalanced and the regional aggravation

Taking 2003 as an example, almost 99% of the top 500 companies in the world by sales came from North America, Asia and Europe, showing the unparalleled dominance of the three continents in the development of the world machinery industry.

Third, cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the machinery manufacturing industry have intensified

Modern mergers and acquisitions no longer blindly emphasize the fight against competition, and the main means of establishing a company to gain a competitive advantage. At this time, in the process of globalization of the machinery manufacturing industry, it is a major feature of the survival and development of large companies. And a saturated market. increasingly fierce market competition. The risk of investing in factories has increased, and more companies have begun to adopt the means of joint mergers and acquisitions. Under the premise of building a factory, optimize the product structure of the enterprise to achieve the purpose of improving production capacity, expanding market share and obtaining economies of scale. The industry with high technology as its connotation comes from the threat of technological innovation, which makes multinational companies embark on a joint road to form a strong technological innovation capability. Strategic mergers and acquisitions among large enterprises in the machinery manufacturing industry have led to the reallocation of resources in the machinery industry. The competition pattern of the world machinery industry has emerged as a collaborative situation.

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