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Techniques of Concrete Cutting
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Techniques of Concrete Cutting

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Once you have the proper tools and safety materials, it is important to know the exact techniques and maneuvers to get the most accurate and quick concrete cuts.

Cutting Concrete That Contains Rebar

Cutting through concrete that contains rebar can be a little more difficult than just concrete alone. If you are cutting a concrete slab or deck that is reinforced with steel rebars, a diamond cutting blade is still your best option. Be sure to use a new diamond blade as the steel will wear down the diamonds around the edge of the blade quicker than just concrete will.

Concrete with rebar cutting is not a job for amateurs. By design, concrete with rebar is very strong and can require extra force to be cut through. Be sure you measure where you are cutting and avoid any conduits or utilities that may be contained in the concrete.

Cutting Concrete Blocks or Slabs

Cutting concrete blocks or slabs without rebar in them is a bit easier of a task, but still requires proper planning. For concrete blocks, you will want to mark the location you want to cut and clamp the block down so you can make an accurate cut without the block moving.

For concrete slabs, you will have to make a series of cuts through the concrete. Once you have made a few inches deep cut, you will chisel or sledgehammer out the loose concrete you want to remove and then continue to cut into the slab until you have made it all the way through.

Cut concrete slab for gas line, drainage, etc.

Often inside home or garage interiors, you will need to cut existing concrete slabs beneath the flooring in order to install a new gas or drain lines. You can use an angle grinder to cut a recessed path in the existing concrete foundation just wide and deep enough for the piping to lay in.

It is important not to hit any other utilities that might be in the slab.

Using Water with Angle Grinder

For any of these concrete cutting techniques, you have the option to cut with a dry or wet process. Wet cutting allows for more precise cuts and is easier on the blade and the user. There are plenty of wet blade cutting adapter kits available for your angle grinder.

Dry cutting is often the preferred choice as it does not create the mess that using water does, however you have to compromise with the dust that this method will produce. Make sure you have the proper ventilation mask so you are not breathing in silica dust.

Keep in mind when purchasing your diamond blades, you can use blades made for dry cutting with or without water, but wet blades can only be used in wet applications.

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