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Stone Bridge Cutting Machine

HKNC-500 5 Axis Bridge Saw CNC Stone Cutting and Milling Machine

  • HKNC-500
  • Hualong

Stone Bridge Cutting Machine

1. Using Italian ESA five-axis CNC system, the blade can be automatically tilted at 0°-45°-90°, and the spindle can be automatically rotated at 0-360°;

2. Horizontal and vertical cutting and multi-angle profiling cutting can be carried out through the five-axis numerical control system;

3. Four-sided chamfering (0-90-180-270 degrees automatic positioning chamfering cutting );

4. It can be cut circularly, drilled, curved surface, L-shaped countertop, sink hole cutting, etc.

5. It has the function of milling cutter, which can be used for sink cutting , profiling cutting functions, etc., and can also use functions such as suction cup displacement plate;

6. Using CNC intelligent control system, one-button operation, automatic operation and processing of plates.

7. Optional camera function. You can take pictures to locate the plate to improve the cutting accuracy.

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