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Stone Bridge Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Stone Bridge Cutting Machine Manufacturers HUALONG HLSQ-650 45 degree chamfering profiling cutting stone Automatic Bridge Saw Machine
  • HLSQ-650
  • Hualong

Infrared Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

The main motor of HLSQ-650 adopts frequency conversion control, and workers can adjust the cutting speed according to the hardness of the stone. HLSQ-650 can not only perform straight cutting, but also can be equipped with a profiling module to increase the profiling cutting function for complex processing. The cutting saw blade can be tilted 0.-45-90 for fully automatic chamfer cutting.

China Granite Bridge Saw factory

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After decades of development, Hualong Company has produced high-quality bridge cutting machines through unremitting efforts, which has brought us stable customers at home and abroad. High-quality bridge cutting machines are exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and other places. Popular with local customers. Hualong brand bridge cutting machine is cost-effective, the machine runs stably, and the quality is guaranteed.


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