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Stone Block Cutting Machine

Stone Block Cutting Machine adopts 4 guide pillars for hydraulic lifting(or screw lfiting). It uses inverter to control eft-right feeding, and can adjust the cutting speed according to the stone material's hardness.Machine is equipped with 22kw main motor and can be installed with max.saw blade diameter of 200mm.
  • HLSQ-700
  • Hualong

stone block cutting machine

At the beginning of the design of HLSQ-700, the foundation, freight, installation and other issues were taken into account, so the overall design was simple, which is convenient for transportation without all disassembly, and the machine can be used with simple assembly without foundation. The operating system of HLSQ-700 adopts Taiwan DELTA PLC control system. Through the control system, the cutting head can be controlled to cut the plate at 45 degrees. It is also possible to control the rotation of the table for circular cutting, etc. The whole machine is made of cast iron, and the machine is stable during processing. If you are looking for an economical, efficient and practical stone bridge cutting machine, this HLSQ-700 is your best choice.

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Bridge saw stone cutting machine

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