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Slab Cutting Machine Price
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Slab Cutting Machine Price

China Stone CNC Bridge Saw Machine HKNC-650  5 Axis Automatic Granite Edge Cutting Machine, CNC Cutting Machinery Bridge Saw For Granite Marble Quartz Stone

  • HKNC-560/650

Stone Slab Cutting Saw price

China cnc milling machine KNNC-650  is a practical, easy-to-operate and powerful multi-function stone cutting machine. A machine designed according to the actual needs of stone cutting factories, it combines the ease of operation and powerful functions of the machine, allowing you to purchase the most suitable machinery with the least financial budget. It is especially suitable for cutting natural stone, artificial stone, ceramics, etc. It can use a Disc Blade for vertical, inclined, horizontal cuts, curved cuts. It is equipped with some core accessories such as drill bits, milling cutters, excavation wheel, etc., which can be used for profiling, engraving, and sink cutting. The most powerful function is also that it is equipped with Italian cnc intelligent control system, digital servo motor and CAD CAM drawing software, which enables workers to operate the machine quickly and easily. No complicated CNC knowledge training is required.

China Granite CNC Machine - Buy 5 Axis CNC Bridge


1) 4-axis interpolation and 1-axis electronic control controlled by imported Italian Esa multi-function CNC system.

2) Equipped with 19" color touch screen, through the interface, easy to operate the machine

3) The special saw blade can be tilted 45°, 90° and rotated between 0°-360°, which is convenient for processing complex processes such as chamfering cutting in any direction and angle.

4) The working platform can be inclined at 85 degrees, which is convenient for handling and processing slabs.

5) Reasonable one-piece structure, easy to load, unload, install and transport overseas.

Stone Slab Grinder Machine

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5 Axis CNC Granite Saw factory

Esa Control system CNC Italy

Equipped with a CNC system with touch screen, easy to set up and automatic processing. It can complete complex processing tasks. Simple operation and efficient performance.

CNC Bridge Stone Machine

Italy ESA Servomotor

 A permanent magnet brushless servomotor with intergrated drives, designed to achieve total digital integration with Esa’s CNCs,creates a reliable controlling power for X, Y, Z, C and A axises


Laser Reticule Apparatus 

It is helpful for accurate alignment at the beginning of processing.

5 Axis CNC Stone Saw factory


Of high quality controlled by an inverter allowing the adjustment of the nr. of revolutions from 0 to 6000 rpm, so granting the use of blade and diamond tools such as a core drill or milling cutter. The tool change is of manual type.Internal water passage

China 5 Axis CNC Granite Saw

Linear Guide

High-quality Hiwin linear guides Taiwan, China, are used for crossbeam and carling to improve stone cutting accuracy and also extend the service life of the machine.

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