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Selection of polishing machine note
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Selection of polishing machine note

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(1) Stainless steel polishing machine output good beam quality, including mode and the stability of the mold;

(2) Stainless steel polishing machine output power is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect), the energy is stable (usually required stability of 2%, in some cases requires 1%, so as to process the ideal effect);

(3) The stainless steel polishing machine should have the high reliability, should be able to work continuously under the harsh industrial processing environment;

(4) The stainless steel polishing machine itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain function, short downtime;

(5) The operation is simple and convenient, the control key function is clear, can refuse the illegal operation, protects the stainless steel polishing machine from the damage. Stainless steel polishing machine purchase should follow the principle: Stainless steel polishing machine technology has many valuable features.

However, specific to whether a product is suitable for the adoption of this technology, should follow the following principles:

(1) Can not be solved with other methods, only the method of polishing processing can be solved;

(2) The existing other processing methods can be solved, but if the use of polishing processing method can greatly improve product quality, improve production efficiency and significantly increase economic and social benefits;

(3) To fully consider the processing process related to the polishing process of those matching links;

(4) We should pay attention to the application of the processing technology of polishing and conventional processing in order to make full use of their merits;

(5) In practical applications, if the economy is not tense, we recommend the purchase of imported configuration, because some of the domestic technology has not yet reached the requirements of foreign configuration of the machine performance is stable, less after-sale maintenance, greatly enhance the efficiency.


A high speed polishing machine shall not be used when the following conditions are found

The operator is not professionally trained.

The operator has not learned the "safe operation procedure".

The high speed polishing machine is not working properly.

Second, the use of high-speed polishing machine before the environment should do the following check

The operator's hands and feet should be kept away from the rotating polished head.

The operator shall not step on the power cord or entangle the power cord into the polished head.

The operator must dress safely.

The polished area shall not exceed the length of the power cord. The operator shall not dispose of the operation handle without authorization.

In case of downtime, the handle must be released after the high-speed polishing machine has completely ceased spinning. Cannot be polished with a polished pad of sticky dust and dirt.

Fouling too much of the polishing pad can not be cleaned, with timely replacement.

When replacing and installing the polishing pad, the power must be cut off.

Third, the high speed polishing machine storage

Cut off the power.

Tilt back and store it in the back of the wheel. shall not be stored outdoors and shall be stored in a dry place.

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