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Right Way Application Gets Higher Efficiency for Granite Bridge Saw Machine
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Right Way Application Gets Higher Efficiency for Granite Bridge Saw Machine

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Granite bridge saw machine is a widely used stone machine. The cutting of marble and granite all need it. It is a kind of high precision stone cutting equipment, which has to be installed strictly according to the instruction of technician and be operated strictly according to the operation manual given by the manufacturer.

After installation, the next step is the running test of this machine. The operator must have a complete examination of the whole granite bridge saw to make sure all connecting parts are well connected and all fixed parts are firmly fastened. Moreover, the speed reducer, spindle box, and all other running and moving parts must be lubricated with grease or lubricant as required by the manual. When the machine is ready, start it and inspect if the machine perform well, if the instructor lights work well and if the urgent stop button is reliable.

There are some points that the granite bridge saw machine operator must keep in mind.

In case a danger happened, cut the power supply immediately to ensure safety.

In using of the machine, the electric power voltage must stay stable and not exceed or lower than the motor voltage.

The maintenance of electric parts can only be done by professional staff. All people other than the professional staff are strictly prohibited to open the control cabinet, otherwise a danger may happen or the electric parts may be damaged.

Measurements should be taken to protect the control cabinet and hydraulic pump from water spray, to avoid any damage to the electric parts of granite bridge saw.

The line for power supply should have a cutout switch. And the power supply must be cut off before any maintenance to the machine.

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