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Quarry Mining Equipment

Quarry Mining Equipment 2QYKZ-1350/3300 can adjust the speed of the main motor through the frequency converter, and can adjust the cutting speed according to the hardness of the stone.
  • 2QYKZ-1350/3300
  • Hualong

Stone Quarry MachineHualong-Stone-Machinery-Plant-2qykt-Series-High-Ef_fuben

stone quarry equipment

2QYKZ is a new type of permanent magnet adjustable speed double-blade mining machine developed by Hualong. Hualong Company owns its patent rights. Its patent numbers are: ZL20120250379.6 and ZL201120005229.6. 2QYKZ is an upgraded model developed on the basis of 2YYKT. It is a ninth-generation new high-efficiency energy-saving mining machine. It has the characteristics of intelligence, adjustable speed, power saving, lightning protection and so on. It adopts a permanent magnet motor, which can not only reduce power loss, save power consumption, make the motor generate less heat, but also improve its service life. Equipped with a frequency converter that can prevent lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference, and can sense the hardness of the cut stone by detecting the current size.

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