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Production Method Of Automatic Bridge Sawing Machine
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Production Method Of Automatic Bridge Sawing Machine

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At present, the publicly known sawing equipment includes bridge saw machine, circular saw machine and band saw machine. This kind of machine tool is widely used for its advantages of “simple equipment, convenient operation and certain accuracy”. But the workpiece of hacksaw machine is generally manual feeding, and when the workpiece is fixed, usually manual adjustment fixture is fixed on the workpiece, the working efficiency of the whole equipment is not only low, but also very waste of manpower.

Its characteristics are: Including tablet, four corners are connected at the bottom of the tablet first shores, in tablet set on motor, the motor output shaft fixed connection transmission device, transmission device connecting the first hinge, the hinge seat hinged bow saw, set in the side of the bow saw jig, on the other side of the bow saw set columns, connecting the second hinge on columns, in the second hinge seat hinged connection plate, side plate connections guide plate, guide plate connection guide sleeve, guide a condom after it is hacksaw stents, set up the first cylinder, in the side of the column of the first cylinder telescopic rod fixed connection is above the bottom of the connecting plate, A feeding device is arranged on one side of the plate, and the feeding device is correspondingly arranged with the fixture.

Preferably, the bottom of the motor is connected with the motor base which is arranged on the plate.

Optimization, transmission device including two symmetric set the first vertical plate, both the first vertical plate has a through hole, the through hole are rotational connection axis of rotation, described in the motor output shaft fixed connection one of the axis of rotation, the rotating plate connected each axis of rotation, two parallel relative rotation plate Settings, the connection between the two rotating plate fixed axis, fixed plate connected on the fixed shaft rotation, described the first hinge seat fixed plate connection.

Preferably, the first hinged seat comprises a base plate on which the fixed plate is connected to the bottom of the base plate. On the base plate, two relatively balanced second vertical plates are connected. A rotating shaft is connected between the two second vertical plates.

Optimization, jig including plate, the plate is set on a cross section of semicircle of the first groove, a symmetrical on the plate set up two third sign board, above the two third vertical plate joint connection support roof, setting the second cylinder on the roof, the second cylinder vertical set down and the second output shaft connection through the roof pressure cylinder pad, is equipped with the cross section at the bottom of the pressure pad for semicircle groove, the second groove and the groove relative Settings.

Preferably, the guide sleeve comprises a rectangular plate within which is provided a rectangular passageway in which a sliding connection is made to the bracket of the hacksaw.

Optimization, feeding device including exposure on both ends up and down the material box, material box cross-section of the trapezoidal, smaller exposure material box down, below the material box are connected on both sides of the wing, under each wing is connected, two symmetrical set the shores in material box below the exposure to connect a line on both sides of the connection piece, two rows of parallel connection piece of relative Settings, connection piece connection arc plate, arc plate and described the first groove corresponding Settings, set in the side of the material box support plate, support plate fixed corresponding described two second shores, both the second support bar corresponding support plate connected by connecting to the column, A third cylinder is arranged on the support plate, and the telescopic rod of the third cylinder is coaxially arranged with the arc plate.

The automatic stone sawing machine provided by the invention can enable the hacksaw to automatically cut workpieces, realize automatic cutting and save manpower.

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