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Principle Analysis Of Troubleshooting Method For Multi Wire Cutting Machine

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Principle analysis method

Principle analysis method refers to the detailed understanding of the fault, according to the working principle of WEDM, analyze the causes of the fault, and try to find a solution to the problem. There are many kinds of such methods, * the following are commonly used:

(1) Break the whole into parts

According to different functions, the schematic diagram is divided into main circuit and control circuit. The main circuit mainly includes wire motor and water pump motor. The control circuit mainly includes trigger circuit, adjusting circuit, driving circuit and single board computer control circuit. When a fault occurs, according to the analysis of the fault phenomenon, which part of the fault should belong to, so as to gradually narrow the scope of the fault and quickly eliminate the fault.

(2) Reverse analysis

When it is basically determined that a small range of faults occur, the reverse analysis method can be used. That is to say, if a certain circuit is not connected or short circuited, what will happen? Theoretically, the state of the fault should be simulated, so as to determine the cause of the fault.

(3) Circuit simulation

When there is a big fault in the electronic circuit, the usual way is to use the oscilloscope to check the output signals of important links, such as voltage and waveform, so as to judge whether the component has been damaged. However, it is often impossible to judge whether the output signal is correct through simple measurement, so it is the best choice to use electronic circuit simulation software. Through circuit simulation, we can quickly determine whether the electronic circuit components have been damaged.

(4) Replacement of spare parts

For various reasons, it is often difficult for maintenance personnel to get a complete electronic circuit diagram. When a major failure occurs, only the general cause of the failure can be analyzed. The maintenance personnel can use the spare printed circuit board, vulnerable electronic components, etc. to replace, so that the equipment can be put into operation as soon as possible.

Example 3: a wire cutting machine increases frequency doubling, the high frequency current display does not change, and the speed of wire cutting is very slow. According to breaking the whole into parts, there is something wrong with the adjusting circuit. Open the control cabinet and check it. It is found that the contact of the input signal of the frequency multiplication circuit has been falsely connected. No matter what position it is adjusted to, the output voltage is always zero. After re welding, the fault is eliminated.

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