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Newly Developed Stone Baluster Machine
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Newly Developed Stone Baluster Machine

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Stone baluster machine is a newly developed machine with higher production efficiency. It has two blades in a spindle with same running speed and moving direction. Each blade can cut two pieces baluster. So this machine is able to cut four pieces stone baluster at a time with very high efficiency.

On the cutting platform there are four clamps to fix stone strip. One side of the clamp is motorized to drive the stone strip into rotation during blade cutting. The other side of the clamp is hand wheel for adjusting clamping tightness. If you want to cut big diameter stone baluster, then you can only clamp two stone strip onto the machine.

The blade horizontal movement along the bridge, blade cutting depth in different position and stone strip rotation are all controlled by microcomputer. Just start the machine it will automatically do the rest work. What ever shape you want the stone baluster to be, just give the stone baluster machine a copy, it will produce for you.

After the stone strip being cut into balustrade, it still needs to be polished for decoration. How to polish it? It is a problem. At present, there is no complete automatic machine to do the job, but only semi-automatic machine available. At least it is like this in China. We have a LGM-1600 stone balustrade polishing machine for this job.

The usage is like this: clamp the stone balustrade onto the machine first. The left end of the clamper is fixed position. Driving motor is installed in the left end of the clamper to bring stone balustrade into rotation for polishing. So it is better to put a piece of rubber pad between the left end clamper and the stone balustrade to avoid skidding. The right end of the clamper is moveable to fit for stone balustrade with different length. There is a hand wheel in the right end clamper to adjust clamping tightness.

When the stone balustrade is rightly clamped on the machine, start the motor to make the balustrade into rotation. Then the worker uses hand hold polishing tools to polishing the stone balustrade. Currently the best offer price of the stone balustrade polishing machine is merely $2450. If you have interest in it, please hurry up to contact us.

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