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New Radial Arm Polishing Machine
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New Radial Arm Polishing Machine

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We have developed a new radial arm polishing machine from old model. It has the features of stable transmission, easy operation, consume less power, easy maintenance, high efficiency, low noise and low labor intensity. It can be used for the course grinding and fine polishing of marble and granite slabs. The operator just needs to load the slab onto the table and then hold the polishing head to move along the slab surface.

Compared with old model, the new radial arm polishing machine has the following differences.
1. Easy installation, save material cost of installation.
2. Polishing arm rotating 360 degree, it can work on four tables.
3. Better bearings for more flexibility.
4. Less easy wearing accessories.
5. Smaller noise.
6. Lighter to operate and higher efficiency.

7. No vibration.

1) In the installation of this radial arm stone polisher, the column must be vertical to the ground.
2) Lubricate the bearings at intervals.
3) The electric power must be earthed for safety.
4) The polishing head must run in clockwise.
5) In polishing work, the polishing wheel center should not pass the edge of slab.
We have new radial arm stone polisher in stock to supply immediately. The price just starts from $1800. There are two kinds. One is wall mounted, the other is ground mounted. The wall mounted one has the arm up and down by manual. The ground mounted on has its arm up and down by electric. All radial arm stone polisher body is made of cast iron, so they are strong and robust. Quality bearing are used in the arm joints to ensure the arm moving flexibility. 5.5kw motor has a high power output for granite or marble polishing. The polishing pressure can be adjusted through a spring system and fixed in a degree. So easy it is for operation. It is an excellent machine for stone polishing, don’t hesitate. Just take phone up to call us or email us.

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