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Material Selection Criteria For Granite Cutting Saw Base And Tool Head
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Material Selection Criteria For Granite Cutting Saw Base And Tool Head

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The matrix of granite saw blade should have certain hardness and tensile strength. 65Mn steel has high hardness and toughness, so 65Mn steel is a common material of saw blade matrix material.

However, the disadvantage of 65Mn steel is that its welding performance is not good enough. The heat treatment method developed 50Mn2V steel, 75Crl steel and other matrix materials to overcome this.

Compared with 65Mn steel, 50Mn2V steel and 75Cr1 steel reduce the content of carbonation and increase the content of manganese (Mn) and chromium (Cr), which are helpful to improve the mechanical properties of steel and prolong the life of granite saw blade. The vanadium content of 50Mn2V steel is increased by 0.08% ~ 0.16%.

Stone cutting machine blade blade should have certain hardness, wear resistance and toughness. There are usually four matrix materials: copper, cobalt, iron and tungsten carbide.

Among them, the cobalt matrix matrix material has the best effect, but its price is expensive, cannot large-scale use. Fe-based matrix materials are the most widely used in practical production.

In order to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of the matrix, materials with high melting point, such as tungsten and tungsten carbide, are often added into the composition, and metals with low melting point, such as cobalt, nickel, manganese and other copper-based alloys, are used as bonding materials for diamond.

There are four kinds of added components in the matrix material: skeleton component, bonding component, affinity component and strengthening component. Granite saw blade USES different matrix matrix material, its additive composition is also different.

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