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Marble Granite Stone Mining Machine
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Marble Granite Stone Mining Machine

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There are two types of stone mining machines. That is Marble mining machine and granite mining machine. Among them, the marble mining machine is divided into open-pit mining and underground mining (granite mining only has opened step mining). Due to the different mining objects and mining techniques on quarry, the used of mining equipment is also different. In addition, there is also a mechanical combination for mining slate stone, but it is also formed basis on marble and granite mining machinery. The most technology of stone mining machine in the world is Italy. They have completely abandoned use of explosives. Thanks to the best stone mining technology, the output production rate of blocks in Italy is as high as 80%, which is almost impossible in other countries.

What machines are needed for mining marble stone.

Taking into account of the differences of roads, electric power and other factors in different countries, it is impossible to make a exact same machines list for all marble mining. Here we give some useful plans your reference which you or your customers may need on marble quarry mining. You can also make some changes to meet the request base on the real situations on your side.

Lets suppose that we want to cut a marble mine with annual output of 3000m3 blocks and 80% of these blocks are more than 2 meter long. The mainly machines we will need are diamond wire saw machine, single and double head quarry cutting machine, drilling machine for drill the holes in vertical and horizontal, hydraulic block pushing machine to separate marble block from the mountain, mast crane machine to load and unload block materials, forklift and truck for block transportation, and finally we will use a cnc wire saw machine for cutting and profiling block. Below is a list of machines which we will need for marble mining.

Advanced technological process for quarry marble mining in the world

Before we explain the technological process of marble mining, we would like you know different quarries have different conditions transportation, electrical power, water supply, environment and workers. We need you take all these conditions into account and find a best solution for us. Suppose we are going to cut a hillside marble mine with annual output of 3000m³. Here is a simple introduction on process steps of marble mining in normal conditions. Open and clean the cover floor of the quarry mine with excavator, mast crane and loader machine, use a hydraulic drilling machine to drill vertical and horizontal holes, cutting the mine with diamond wire saw machine and marble chain arm saw machine, separate the blocks from quarry with hydraulic push machine or water push bag, use a mast crane to delivery the marble blocks to block area and then transport them to stone factory with forklift and truck.

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