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Manufacturing Method Of Internal Slicer For Cutting Magnetic Materials
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Manufacturing Method Of Internal Slicer For Cutting Magnetic Materials

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Cutting performance characteristics of magnetic materials:

Because the metal material is used as the steel core, the rigidity of the cutting blade is improved, which is more suitable for deep cutting.

2. Wear resistance of working layer, so that the tool body has a long service life.

Rich types of binders meet the needs of selecting more matching cutting blades for different processing objects.

The accurate control of diamond abrasive particles and concentration makes the blade have good sharpness in the cutting process, and the cutting surface has the characteristics of high finish and good verticality.

5 precision machining means, to ensure that the geometric size of the blade with high precision.

Scope of application:

This series of products are suitable for precision machining of the following difficult to machine materials, such as optical glass, crystal materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, fine ceramics and other brittle metal materials.

Magnetic materials, usually referred to as strong magnetic materials, are ancient and widely used functional materials. The magnetism of materials was recognized and applied as early as 3000 years ago. For example, magnets were used as compass in ancient times. Modern magnetic materials have been widely used in our life, such as permanent magnetic materials used as motor, core materials used in transformer, magnetic disc used as memory, magnetic recording floppy disk used in computer, etc. Magnetic materials are closely related to information technology, automation, mechatronics, national defense and national economy. It is generally believed that magnetic materials are the materials that can produce magnetism directly or indirectly by transition elements such as iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys. According to the difficulty of demagnetization after magnetization, magnetic materials can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. Generally speaking, the remanence of soft magnetic materials is smaller than that of hard magnetic materials.

The working principle of the slicer is relatively simple, that is, by using the sharp section of the slicer, the objects and materials are cut into pieces according to the proportion or width, which is suitable for production or manufacturing purposes. The common working plate of internal circular slicer is mostly fixed height. Facing different height materials, it needs to adjust the height manually. Manual adjustment is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also affects the work efficiency, which is extremely inconvenient in the actual production process.

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