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Maintenance Of Laser Bridge Sawing Machine System
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Maintenance Of Laser Bridge Sawing Machine System

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Prevent hydraulic oil from being polluted

According to the instruction of laser bridge sawing machine, choose hydraulic oil. Enclosed tank with air filter installed at the inlet. In use, should prevent moisture, emulsion, dust, fiber sundries and other mechanical sundries invasion. The amount of oil in the hydraulic tank shall be kept within the specified oil level after the system piping and components are filled with oil. The hydraulic system must be cleaned strictly before it is put into use. The oil must be carefully filtered. Always check the filters and replace them as soon as they become contaminated. Check hydraulic oil quality regularly. One is the degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil is dark brown and has a foul smell, it is oxidized. The darker the brown, the stronger the stench, indicating a greater degree of oxidation. At this time, should replace the new oil. The other is the moisture content of hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic fluid is milky white and the smell is not changed, it means too much water has been mixed in. Take a small amount of hydraulic oil and drop it on a hot plate. At this time, should replace the new oil. Third, the impurity content in the hydraulic oil. Take a few drops of hydraulic oil on the hand, twirl with your fingers, if there are more metal particles or flash point (under the sun), hydraulic oil contains excessive mechanical impurities. Sedimentation shall be carried out for not less than 42h before filtration for use. Replace the hydraulic oil timely. After shutdown, control the working device to make it in the highest position, shut down the engine, use the hydraulic oil weight, take advantage of the hydraulic oil hot oil (easy to mechanical impurities, oil out), and then thoroughly clean the oil tank and pipeline, add new oil. Clean hydraulic system correctly. Do not use kerosene or diesel as cleaning fluid. When cleaning should be used as large as possible flow, so that the liquid flow in the pipeline turbulent state, and complete the action of each executive component, in order to the pollutants from the various pumps, valves and hydraulic cylinders and other components washed out. After cleaning, drain the cleaning fluid in the hot state and replace with new oil.

Two, prevent the oil temperature is too high

Maintain the normal oil level in the oil tank of laser bridge sawing machine, so that the system has enough oil for circulation cooling. When the actuator is not working, the system should be unloaded in time.

Always clean the cooling device to keep it in good working condition. Hydraulic oil should be selected according to the working environment temperature, high ambient temperature should be selected high viscosity oil, low ambient temperature should be selected low viscosity oil. When the temperature higher than that of 30 ℃, the machine continuous operation time shall not be more than 4 h. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, should make the system in the condition of no-load running 20 min, for e. after the oil temperature rise to work again.

Prevent air from entering

Suction pipe line and pump drive shaft end seal pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure parts, should pay attention to prevent leakage. Prevent the return pipe from bringing in air during oil return. If the system has entered the air, should be promptly found out the leakage parts and eliminate.

After adding new oil, continuously operate the working device to lift, drop and turn over to expel air from the system.

Iv. Strictly follow the operating procedures

Laser bridge sawing machine and joystick, timely action must be smooth and accurate, avoid too hard and too fast, so suddenly open or close the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor oil outlet and inlet of the actuator, a pressure impact, caused by oil seal accelerate damage, leakage of high pressure tubing bubbles burst, loose coupling, may even make the overflow valve because of excessive instantaneous open and make the valve core is jammed, internal leakage occurs, cause work is weak, and reduced work efficiency, shorten service life.

  1. routine maintenance

Before the laser bridge sawing machine, check whether the fasteners and pipe joints are loose, and whether the pipes are deformed or damaged. Before the first operation of the hydraulic pump, the pump should be filled with oil, do not empty operation. Hydraulic pump start, should be continuous operation (especially in cold areas), confirm that the operation of flexible and normal, no noise before work. The working pressure of the distribution valve of the hydraulic system of the working device shall be adjusted in time if it exceeds or falls below the specified value. After the system works stably, in addition to observing the oil temperature, pressure, sound and other conditions at any time, we should also pay attention to observe the sawing machine hydraulic motor, reversing valve, overflow valve and the whole system of oil leakage and vibration.

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