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Maintenance And Protection Of Laser Bridge Sawing Machine
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Maintenance And Protection Of Laser Bridge Sawing Machine

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Accurate run-in procedure is very important for the application of saw blade of sawing machine, which can extend the service life of band saw blade by more than 50%. Fine rolling or grinding of the band saw blade is usually very sharp serration, assuming that the tip of the tooth is not gradually grinding to a certain radius, in the first cut material pole brief lead to abnormal wear. : if push pressure is too high, extremely sharp tooth tip will immediately crack or collapse teeth. In the proper run-in, to low cutting speed saw blade sawtooth form a radius (circle), the tooth tip resistance of the saw blade, saw blade life is long.

It is necessary to select the proper working speed of the band saw blade according to the material to be cut. Later reduce the feed rate below the normal rate. The rate of decline varies by metal grade and is planned to be between 20% and 50% of normal speed. Softer grades require a slower feed rate than harder materials. Make the first cut at a slower rate, but make sure the teeth are cutting. During the initial cut, the feed rate is slightly increased once the blade is thoroughly in the workpiece. With each additional incision, the rate increases gradually until the desired incision rate is reached.

bridge saw machine with long blade, general coarse teeth are made into a cross tooth, fine teeth will be made into waveform teeth. The coarse tooth saw blade with cross teeth contains 8 to 16 teeth at every 1 hour, which is used to cut the material equally. The cross tooth common saw blade contains 18-22 teeth every 1 hour, which is used to cut thick steel pipe and copper pipe of common thickness. In the waveform tooth entrenched strip, with ordinary tooth section, for cutting copper or brass, and with fine tooth section, namely every hour about 28-32 teeth waveform saw blade, is used to cut thin pipe, wire and cable.

The time required to cut the material with a long saw blade, which takes a long time with other blades, is described in detail in the next chapter.

But in the hacksaw machine, there is a kind of cutting machine which automatically increases the speed of the spindle, but it has been widely used in the factory. The machine takes only a short time to cut through the material and is as efficient as the latest model datebeds. Its cutting knife thickness and cutting material reduction, and circular saw blade is the same; And its cutting tool its purchase and storage, but much easier than circular sawing machine. But cold circular sawing machine can cut off any section of the material, and cutting machine can only cut off the circular material, so its use range is much narrower than circular sawing machine. So if you need to cut various sections of the material, then it is still appropriate to purchase circular sawing machine.

It is convenient and advantageous to use the universal sawing machine combined with lathe, sawing machine and cutting machine to process the round and simple hollow workpiece with several kinds of working machines. Because in this kind of machine tool, work perforation and turning work are carried out at the same time, and then cut off directly from the material to be the finished product. Because the material has been cut, the outer layer has been subtracted and has been perforated, so that the sawing machine cutting knife less damage, and shorten the cutting stroke of the cutter.

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