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List of common machines for stone polishing
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List of common machines for stone polishing

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Stone Polishing machine is a kind of equipment which is widely used in stone processing industry, and there are many types of polishing machine. According to the movement form of slab, it can be divided into moving slab machine and fixed slab machine. The moving slab polishing machine is mainly called automatic continuous stone polishing machine, the slab is placed on the conveyor belt, and the feeding motion is carried out by the conveyor belt. The fixed slab polishing machine is something like bridge type polishing machine, slab on the machine is fixed and the grinding polishing heads are moving. We have single head polishing machine and multi heads polishing machine if we sort by quantity of polishing head. There are manual stone polishing machine and bridge type polishing machine on single head polishing machine and for multi heads polishing machine we have double head bridge type polisher. We can also sort the machine by automation, they are manual hand polishing machine and automatic polishing machine. The hand polishing machine mainly refers to manual polishing machine and other simple polisher machine. Automatic polishing machine is a kind of automatic continues polisher machine which are suitable for grinding and polishing marble granite and other stone materials. According to the abrasive composition of grinding head, the polishing machine can be divided into calibration machine and general polishing machine. The stone calibration machine mainly grinds the surface with high surface roughness. The diamond abrasive of this machine is used for the grinding head with large grinding amount, while the silicon carbide and corundum abrasive are mainly used for the grinding head of the general polishing machine. The consumption amount is also much less than that of the calibrating machine. According to the polishing method, the machine can be divided into plane surface polishing machine and side polishing machine, and the side machine is mainly the edge grinding polishing machine. In addition, according to the processing plane or arc surface polishing, it can also be divided into plane slab polishing and special-shaped polishing. The special-shaped polishing is mainly used for special-shaped processing, most of which belong to numerical control equipment.

Automatic Stone Polishing Machine

Manual Stone Polishing Machine

Define of manual polishing machine

It’s a kind of traditional machine for grinding and polishing stone surface. Manual polishing machine is used to grinding and polishing slab flat on marble and granite. When using this machine, we need to replace the grinding and polishing heads with various kinds of different grind. The manual polishing machine is normally apply on the polishing of rail stone, monument stone etc.

Stone Manual Polishing Machine

Features of manual stone polishing machine

Manual stone polishing machine is simple in structure, low cost and easy maintenance. It has been widely used in many stone factories. Compared with other automatic stone polishing machine, the manual stone polisher machine has poor polishing quality, low working efficiency and high labor intensity.

Classification of stone manual polishing machine

There are two types of manual polishing machine according to lifting of the polishing head, one is manual lifting head polishing machine another one is pneumatic manual polishing machine. The downward of polishing head on manual lifting polishing machine is control by hand-held to grinding and polishing slab material, the polishing accuracy and surface quality is difficult to control. The pneumatic machine has a better polishing efficiency, cylinder of this pneumatic machine pushes the grinding head to exert grinding pressure on the slab, and the cylinder automatically adjusts the grinding pressure to reduce the impact and vibration on the slab.

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