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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine Hydraulic System Cleaning
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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine Hydraulic System Cleaning

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One, the external purchase of laser bridge sawing machine hydraulic components and hydraulic oil strictly control

Hydraulic oil, we choose the domestic quality reputation of good manufacturers products, and as a technical quality document to give regulations, so as to basically eliminate the hydraulic oil on the system pollution. No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in the south area of the Yellow River, no. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in the north area of the Yellow River, and low setting hydraulic oil is used in the cold area.

Hydraulic components, the contamination of the system is the material, processing and heat treatment of components do not meet the requirements, causing abnormal wear and even peeling of components surface; Iron filings, powders, sundries and other materials not cleaned during processing and assembly; The hydraulic oil used in the test is unqualified and left in the component to cause secondary pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to select suppliers in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO2000. Market economy, enterprise restructuring and leadership change may all have an impact on their own products. Good quality last year does not mean good quality this year. Suppliers whose quality declines should be disqualified. Annual review system is to ensure that the vertical sawing machine hydraulic system cleanliness is a very important link, can not be ignored.

Ii. Strictly implement process discipline internally

(4) hydraulic components into the storehouse, the supplier must check whether or not registered, the product name, model match: component test and on the commissioning test shall be conducted, such as pollution caused system outsourcing sawing machine hydraulic components, to timely organization responsible for analysis, in accordance with the IS09001, IS02000 process, should take emergency measures, the serious problem of the segregated models of hydraulic components.

(3) manufacturing and installation requirements of hard pipe: the internal and external surface of the material should be smooth and smooth, it is strictly prohibited to use the surface has been rusted material processing hard pipe; Acid phosphating must be carried out after cleaning, high-pressure air hole, oil immersion, both ends of the pipe mouth wrapped; The tubing assembled on site shall be placed off the ground, and the tubing that cannot be loaded on the same day shall be repackaged; If leakage is found during the test run of the tubing with welded joint, it must be replaced. Spot welding is not allowed.

(2) before the assembly of the hydraulic tank to check, confirm the cleanliness of the tank has reached the requirements before assembly.

(1) after the end of the vertical sawing machine cutting test, in a timely manner to test oil off (can be filtered after the test but must be sent to the provisions of the test in a timely manner), the replacement of new oil, oil suction and oil filter. Remember not to ignore.

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