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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine — Characteristics Of Chain Drive
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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine — Characteristics Of Chain Drive

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Adjustment and operation of laser bridge sawing machine

1, machine tool adjustment: the machine tool is installed, the machine tool should be adjusted before cutting, the content is as follows: 2. Put the prepared band saw blade on the two saw wheels and insert it into the guide wheel and guide center, and then tighten the saw belt. 3. Check whether the three-phase power supply is in good contact, and whether the running direction of water pump, band saw and motor is correct.

Two, the operation of the machine tool: after the adjustment preparation before cutting is completed, the machine tool can be operated according to the following procedures for normal cutting: the workpiece is hoisted to the table and the material rack, so that the workpiece and the worktable parallel, and then the workpiece is moved to the position in contact with the fixed-length device plane.

The manufacturing and installation precision of automatic feed chain drive for vertical sawing machine is low. The transmission structure is simple when the center distance is large. Instantaneous chain speed and instantaneous transmission ratio are not constant, so the transmission stability is poor, there is a certain impact and noise in the work.

Laser bridge sawing machine automatic feed chain drive has no elastic slip and slip, which can keep accurate average transmission ratio. The required tension force is small, the pressure acting on the shaft is also small, can reduce the friction loss of the bearing; Compact structure; Able to work under high temperature, oil and other harsh environmental conditions.

The average transmission ratio of chain drive is accurate, the transmission efficiency is high, the distance between the shafts is wide, and it can be used in the environment with high temperature and humidity. But the chain drive can only be used as the transmission between parallel shafts, and its instantaneous transmission ratio fluctuates, the transmission noise is larger. Because the chain link is rigid, there is polygonal effect (i.e., non-uniform motion), which makes the instantaneous transmission ratio of the chain drive change and causes additional dynamic load and vibration. Chain drive is widely used in transportation, agriculture, light industry, mining, petrochemical and sawing machine automatic feeding, etc.

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