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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine Application Process
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Laser Bridge Sawing Machine Application Process

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Laser bridge sawing machine application process, the transmission leakage problems. Oil leakage serious transmission, not only will lose a lot of lubricating oil, and on the laser bridge sawing machine itself and the formation of a bad impact on the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, together will also affect the progress of the operation. What is the cause of transmission leakage? Here’s a quick summary of how to avoid and what to do about the leaking gearbox.

Laser bridge sawing machine transmission leakage mainly has three points: first, because the planning is not reasonable, such as no planning vent or vent is too small, so that its internal pressure and external pressure can not balance, resulting in oil leakage. Second, the production planning can not meet the demand, the box joint surface precision is not good, resulting in loose seal and oil seepage. Three is the use of improper protection to form multiple blockages, resulting in high internal pressure, too much oil, oil level is too high; Loose connection bolts make the joint surface of the box not tight.

In order to avoid oil leakage, the plan should be improved by adding ventilation equipment on the transmission survey hole cover and refueling hole cover to ensure the smooth flow of pressure balance inside and outside the box; Improve the machining precision of the box joint surface and each cooperation surface to avoid the box deformation; In addition to do a good job in maintenance operations, often check and dredge its ventilation hole, the appropriate amount of oil, maintenance maintenance box section surface, deformation is severe replacement; Rearrange the oil groove and tighten the bolts.

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