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Installation of Stone Cutting Saws
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Installation of Stone Cutting Saws

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  1. According to the foundation drawing, professional construction personnel shall operate in strict accordance with the code for construction and acceptance of reinforced concrete projects. The foundation, embedded anchor bolts, size and location of foundation shall meet the requirements of the drawing, and the foundation maintenance period shall not be less than 20 days.

2, foundation maintenance expires after drying, the sawing machine cap on reinforced concrete stand on the top, adjusted the position, and good pressure rail fastening, the two slide guide rail respectively fixed on the column on both sides, with the level of peace feet to adjust the verticality of the slide guide rail with horizontal plane is not more than 0.1 mm, two slide guide rail surface parallelism is not greater than 0.4 mm, and to ensure that the up and down two guide rail center within the same upright surface by the beam frame assembly installed on the slide guide rail, and installed elevator drive screw and wire, commissioning observation condition, and through the strip wire adjustment guide clearance, to ensure steady lifting flexible, No jam and abnormal sound.

  1. The horizontal movement of the inner frame on the beam should be flexible without jamming and abnormal sound. The clearance between the inner frame and the beam should be adjusted by the top wire of four tugboats on the inner frame trailer to ensure normal operation.

  2. Install the spindle box on the trailer under the inner frame, and adjust the transmission position to ensure the spindle rotates flexibly. Check the verticality between the spindle and the beam with the level meter and the micrometer, and the end face of the flange in the spindle saw blade does not beat more than 0.05mm.

  3. The trolley guide rail shall be placed on the flat foundation and fastened with nuts. The two guides shall be equally spaced, parallel to each other and perpendicular to the beam.

6, the installation of the saw blade: first of all, it is necessary to put the blade inner flange fixed on the spindle, and ensure the face runout is greater than 0.05 mm, then the saw blade clamping with flange and bolt on the spindle, and after the great circle outside flange nut and tighten, manually check the circular saw blade face runout, new saw blade is not greater than 0.8 mm, the complex welding blade is not greater than 1.5 mm.

7, the stone saw electrical installation should be undertaken by electrical professionals, must be strictly in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram installation inspection, to ensure that there is no error.

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