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Hualong Stone Polishing Machine for Granite HHMS-1800
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Hualong Stone Polishing Machine for Granite HHMS-1800

HHMS-1800  operated manually, uses electric control  for steady automatic ups and downs. It is suitable for surface grinding and polishing of granite, marble and quartz slab, especially for tombstones, slabs and mosaic which needs to change the thickness frequency.   It works on stone with various thickness from 10 to 400mm.
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HHMS-1800 is mainly used for grinding and polishing of marble and granite slabs. Can also be used for tombstones. For the grinding and polishing of step stones, etc., all the operations of rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding and polishing can be completed successively by replacing the grinding disc.

Stone Polishing Machine for Granite

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