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How to use stone engraving machine
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How to use stone engraving machine

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CNC Stone Engraving Machine

As to the application of stone engraving machine,there are more and more people who are care about how to use stone carving machine.We may ask what is the engraving cost for each square meter and how many time it takes to make one square meter engraving.There are many factors to effect the use of stone engraving machine,like machine configuration,operation skill,engraving tools,hardness of stone materials etc.We will share some skill information to improve how to use the stone engraving machine.

Theoretical Basis: Training must begin with theoretical training. Operators must pass the theoretical assessment before they can conduct practical training. If the theoretical training fails, the operational training must not be carried out.

Usage of stone engraving tools:After theoretical training, it is necessary to train cutting tools. Operators should be familiar with the application of common cutting tools, the speed of engraving motor, the speed of moving, matters needing attention and so on.

Application of stone materials:Operators must be familiar with the application scope of various materials, different materials, different thickness, different size of finished products and so on. Familiar with different carving methods of different materials.

Operation of software:After the above training, software training can be carried out. Software training is mainly concentrated in the field of user application; software requirements are: software layout, various operations, path generation, can quickly find the path of errors, and so on.

Laser engraving on minerals produces a result similar to sandblasting, a surface engraving that gives the impression that the stone has been bleached. If the contrast is not sufficient for your customer or if you want a specific color, lacquer range that comes in yellow, green, blue, red, white, black, silver, gold, and shiny gold available as standard, however your specific color can also be developed on demand. This is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Engraving photos on minerals can be complex, as it depends on the surface state. Generally, the rule of thumb is to set 300 DPI maximum on the photo resolution to obtain a nice result. This resolution can be increased if the surface state is similar and smooth. We recommend using very dark black marble (or very light white marble) so the contrast is even more beautiful. A 1.5’’ lens is recommended for photo engraving with a thin spot beam.

Minerals are not flammable, therefore stone laser engraving has a limited risk of fire ignition, contrary to Acrylic or Wood processing, as they need to be monitored.

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