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How to choose a right heat shrink tunnel machine?

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There are a lot kinds of shrink tunnel machines in the market, do you know the differences between them? And do you know how to choose the suitable one for yourself?

Heat shrink packaging machine

Heat shrink packaging machine is also known as heat shrink machine, shrink machine, heat shrink packaging machine, shrink film packaging machine, cuff shrink machine, bilateral sealing heat shrink machine and so on.

Heat shrink packaging machine’s selection from several points as below:

1, Size of packaging, whether regular geometry or irregular shaped items, need to provide size data. If it is a variety of items of different sizes, only the size of the maximum and minimum items need to be provided.

2, Packaging speed, that is, daily or hourly thermal shrinkage packaging amount, if there is front-end incoming material, only need to inform the front-end incoming material speed.

3, High temperature resistance, because the temperature of the contraction machine is adjustable, so the compatibility is more extensive. If there is a special high temperature resistant products can also be specified and customized special shrinkage machine.

4, The packaging medium, if it is some corrosive or other chemical properties of the goods, for the material of the heat shrink packaging machine needs a certain corrosion resistance or wear resistance.

5, If you can find the source factory when choosing the heat shrink packaging machine, of course, it is the best, because the source factory will provide users with many convenience and advantages in terms of price, service and professional technology. But the source factory is not easy to find (true or false source, see the factory will know), in this case, it is possible to find a good brand.

About the guidance to the purchase of EPK heat shrink packaging machine, the main points are put forward above, the details are not a repeat.

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