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How to Cut a Quarter Round Molding With a Miter Saw?
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How to Cut a Quarter Round Molding With a Miter Saw?

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1. Measure the quarter round molding

  • After you’ve prepared well, start measuring the length of each quarter round molding.

  • Keep these measurements on the back side of the molding.

  • Start from an inside or outside corner at the ends of each room.

  • It’s better to mark each piece of molding with a straight line using a tri-square.

  • Mark a vertical line down the sides of the extra piece of the wood.

  • This vertical line helps you determine which side of the line should be cut.

2. Cutting the quarter round molding

  • Begin by positioning one of the ends of the molding inside your miter box, in the same manner, it would be installed through the base of the walls.

  • Hold the mold securely against the miter box’s wall, align your hand saw with the vertical lines and marks you left during the previous step.

  • Make sure the rounded edge is facing up and forward.

  • As you make the cut, don’t forget to cut on the sides along with the vertical line while sitting outside this line so that your measurement is as accurate as possible.

  • Keeping your thumbnail right on the line and dragging your handsaw towards you so that you start with your first cut.

  • Make your way cautiously and slowly up until you get a deeper groove. This helps you finish the cut in a quicker way.

3. Move along the alignment angles

  • When you finish the first cut, use the scrap piece of the molding to secure the next piece you’re going to attach to it in order to have an appropriate angle.

  • To get this, set the extent of your molding above the scrap piece and mark a line on it.

  • This line should align with the angle of the first length. Then, cut the scrap onto the scrap until the marked line.

  • Place both the pieces on your floor and check that the length and scrap pieces match exactly.

  • If they do, use the scrap molding to cut the next attaching length of your molding.

Minimizing the Installation Time

  • Using an electric miter saw makes your cuts easier but leaves you with a huge amount of chipping after the cutting process.

  • The cuts you required for a quarter round molding aren’t that many, using a miter box with a miter hand saw would give you the same precise results but with a smaller mess to clean.

  • Using an air compressor and a pin nailer would make the process much easier.

Additional Tips

Home trim projects typically require long lengths of quarter round to complete.

When you’re cutting a long piece of quarter round, having a partner to help you would be very useful.

They can hold one end of the quarter round to stop it from moving during the cut or falling after.

Using a workbench or a clamp would be helpful in keeping your quarter round stable with no wiggling and movement.

Safety Measures

The fact that you’re using a power tool means you should be extra cautious and pay attention.

Make sure you’re familiar with the tool before you start making cuts. Use it on small scrap parts and read the user manual thoroughly.

Wear ear protection, eye protection, and work gloves.

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