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How to Cut Marble Tiles with Marble Table Saw
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How to Cut Marble Tiles with Marble Table Saw

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Installing marble and other natural stone tiles in your room can give your house more elegance. The natural stone tiles come with beautiful texture and are resistant to scratch. However, as one of the hardest materials from the nature, marble and other natural stones can be difficult to cut and work with. In this article we will discuss on how to cut marble tiles with marble table saw.

1. Before you start the job, make sure that you have a table saw at hand with a diamond blade. It can be either purchased or rented from local shops. Diamond coated blades are essential in cutting marble, because it is one of the few things in the world that are strong enough to cut through hard stone.

2. Be sure to put on gloves and eye glasses for protection before starting your job. Otherwise the stone dust or tiny grains generated in the cutting process may hurt you.

3. Measure the area to find out where the cut will go and mark your cutting lines on the marble tile to guide diamond blade. You can make it by placing a duct tape on the edge of the tile that will be cut. Then use a ruler and pencil to mark a straight cutting line on the tape. The tape will ensure you are able to see the line yet not leave any spot on the marble tile.

4. Set up your marble table saw on a flat and solid ground to avoid vibration. Ensure that cooling water is connected and flowing onto the diamond blade before cutting. Because the blade will get hot and generate large amount of dust in cutting process, so cooling water is needed to cool down blade temperature and prevent stone dust contaminating the environment.

5. Put the marble tile on the table and align the marked cutting line with the blade sliding groove of the table with the saw turned off. Ensure that the marble tile is positioned tightly against the fence installed in the right end of the table. Because the blade cut goes from left to right, the fence will keep the marble tile in its position without skidding.

6. Turn on the table saw and cooling water to the diamond blade. When the blade has reached its standard running speed for work, continue to feed the blade slowly towards the marble tile until the blade completely cut through the marble tile. It’s important to keep your hands as far away from the blade as possible.

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