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How to Cut Cultured Marble with A Stone Table Saw
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How to Cut Cultured Marble with A Stone Table Saw

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Cultured marble is widely used in modern house decoration. It’s a material that is expensive and fragile. If you don’t cut it in right method, it is quite possible to damage its surface or break it completely. So how should we do? Yes, you can cut the cultured marble with a stone table saw. It is an easy operation saw machine that even one person without any experience can learn to use it in short time. You can do the cutting task freely with it. The following is an introduction to the working procedure.

Measure the culture marble and mark on its surface of the desired length and width. Then put the straight edge of a ruler on the cultured marble and use a pencil to draw light marks on the cultured marble surface.

Place waterproof transparent tape along the pencil marks that have been drawn before hand, make sure the tape centers the pencil lines. Measure the cultured marble once again and mark the same pencil lines on the top of the waterproof transparent tape. The tape will prevent cultured marble edge from chipping and guide the blade go along the lines.

Install a diamond blade onto the stone table saw. Ensure that the blade has been firmly fixed on the spindle in right way and the blade guard is in good condition. It’s very important for the operator’s safety.

Wear a dust mask and eye glasses before proceeding to cut the cultured marble. The cutting process can produce dust and debris that can harm your lungs and eyes. If you are doing a dry cutting, you can place a fan directly behind your cutting position to blow away the dust. If you are doing a wet cutting, you can use water hose to pour water to your cutting position to wash the dust away. Otherwise the large amount of dust cover the cutting line may affect visual observation of the cut.

Start the stone table saw to allow the blade to reach full speed. Position the cultured marble on the table and pull the blade to cut into the cultured marble slowly. Make sure that the cultured marble is kept in same position without any skidding during the cutting process.

Remove the finished cultured marble from the table for a new piece to cut. If the motor get too hot after working for a long time, stop it to cool down. When the project is done, turn off the stone table saw and clean it completely.

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