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How To Solve The Problems Encountered In The Use Of Stone Saw Blades
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How To Solve The Problems Encountered In The Use Of Stone Saw Blades

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  1. Wear at the joint of matrix and tool head

Reason: the material is very abrasion – resistant, cutting debris inclusion in the slot can not be discharged.

Solution: the use of protective teeth in special positions of the matrix, the use of high pressure cooling water flow can enhance the effect of chip removal.

  1. Uneven wear on both sides of the tool head

Reason: saw blade oblique cutting; The amount of water on both sides is different, and there is insufficient water on one side.

Solution: check the tilt of the saw blade; Check cooling water system.

  1. The saw blade is out of round

Reason: the center hole of the saw blade and the spindle clearance are large due to shaft wear or improper installation.

Solution: replace worn shaft or repair center hole.

  1. Saw blade deflection

Reasons: the material debris inclusion in the slit caused the body force uneven; The flange diameter is too small or the flange diameter on both sides is inconsistent; There is a foreign body between the saw blade and the flange; Not installed correctly.

Solution: clear debris and enhance the effect of chip removal; Adjust or replace the flange; Install correctly according to instructions.

  1. Damaged knife head

Reason: the blade binding agent is too hard; Saw blade feed speed is too fast.

Solution: choose the saw blade with soft binder according to the material to be cut; Reduce the feed speed of the saw blade.

  1. The tool head wears away too fast

Reason: the knife head bond is too soft (for the material being cut); Insufficient cooling water; Power shortage due to loose belt or low voltage or improper speed; The saw blade is not perpendicular to the material being cut.

Solution: according to the material is cut to choose the use of a harder mixture of the saw blade; Check the cooling water system to ensure the normal operation of the pump; Ensure supply voltage; Check the flange of the spindle to ensure the verticality of the saw blade and equipment; Check the speed of the saw blade.

  1. The knife head is lost

Reason: during the cutting process, the cutting material slides to twist off the tool head; To whack the head of a knife; whack. Flange wear can not fix the blade, resulting in blade distortion; The circular loss of the saw blade caused by the wear of the spindle makes the saw blade suffer great impact. Overheating; The saw blade came under heavy impact.

Solution: firmly fix the material to be cut when cutting; Replace the flange plates on both sides; Replace the worn spindle; Check cooling water; Avoid bumping the saw blade when moving equipment or cutting materials.

8, blunt, not cutting

Reason: the saw blade binding agent is too hard; Insufficient power can not make the blade cut normally, the blade is not applied enough cutting pressure; Excessive blade speed.

Solution: choose a saw blade with a softer binder; Check the belt, voltage and motor; Ensure adequate and not excessive cutting pressure is used; According to the instruction of the equipment to choose the corresponding matching.

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