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How To Polish Granite Stone

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On the basis of fine stone carving, grinding materials can be used to polish the stone material points, which can add luster to the stone carving works

The polishing of stone carving needs special tools and methods.

Grinding tools and materials include polishing machine, grinding wheel, sand cloth, sand paper, water sand paper, chromium oxide, polishing paste, etc. This process is carried out according to the artistic effect, some of which are full body polishing, some of which are partial polishing.

Three common polishing methods

1. Use a hanging mill for polishing.

2. Use a disc polisher to polish.

3. Vibration polishing machine is generally suitable for mass polishing.

Second, choose some common tools

① Engraving mill (note; It is recommended to use the hanging mill with flexible shaft. With flexible shaft, it is more flexible and convenient to use.)

② Prepare some corresponding diamond grinding head, jade strip file and sandpaper, etc..

③ Prepare some corresponding wool felt, cow hide, rubber grinding wheel and brush, etc..

④ Prepare some polishing powder or paste and polish.

⑤ The fixing glue used in carving.

⑥ Grinding stone used in vibration polishing machine

3、 When the tools are ready, we can finish the surface.

Polishing: the gap is usually polished with a brush, and the polishing powder can also be pasted on bamboo sticks or chopsticks. The surface is usually polished with polishing paste on felt wheel or diamond polishing powder on cow hide.

Manual polishing method: first rough polishing with 600 ᦇ sandpaper, then fine polishing with 2000 ᦇ fine sandpaper, and then fine polishing with massive cow hide and jade polishing powder. Personal experience: I used to polish jadeite with old wallet, stick polishing powder on the wallet, and rub the jadeite with my hand. It takes a long time, but the effect is also good. It has a great sense of achievement. Ha ha( Note: manual friction is slow, so it takes a long time.)

Cleaning: use ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the residual polishing powder on the surface of jadeite. Or wipe with alcohol.

Glazing wax: melt the wax into liquid in a beaker, then put the finished jadeite in, soak it for about 1 minute, take it out and blow it dry. You will be surprised to find that jadeite becomes more beautiful. Glazing wax can protect the surface of jadeite. Let his color always be so beautiful.

Matching method of polishing powder: diamond polishing powder is usually made into paste with edible oil or water, that is polishing. Other polishing paste generally green for chromium oxide, orange red for cerium oxide

Four vibration polishing machine is generally suitable for large quantities of polishing, and generally is not a lot of water chestnut products to polish. Generally, polishing time is relatively long. It usually takes one night a day or more.

5、 Disc polisher usually uses hard materials with strong pressure resistance, such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. Polishing disks made of metal are often called hard disks, and polishing disks made of wood, plastic or even asphalt are called medium hard disks. Because the curved surface or curved surface is common in jade processing, soft polishing tools are more commonly used.

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