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How To Deal With And Discharge The Waste Liquid Produced By Multi Wire Cutting
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How To Deal With And Discharge The Waste Liquid Produced By Multi Wire Cutting

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Recently, the national requirements for environmental protection are more and more strict. It is stipulated that the emulsion oil of the old cutting fluid cutting fluid must be treated by professional treatment and guidance guidance before discharge. The following small edit of the manufacturer of multi wire cutting machine will introduce how to deal with and discharge the waste liquid produced by the cutting line.

1. selection of processing fluid

First, we should choose the real green water agent cutting fluid. The real green and environmental protection processing solution can not contain sodium nitrite, silver nitrite, hexakalium chromium, heavy metal and other harmful substances and pollution sources. Most of the "water agent" cutting fluid in the market is a kind of semi synthetic water soluble oil, which contains a large number of non-standard mineral oil, which is not a real green and environmental protection processing fluid.

In the actual processing and production, we should:

1) Use in a standard way and add water strictly;

2) Create conditions for centralized liquid supply, and the old liquid shall be packed in a unified manner; Centralized liquid supply can improve the utilization and processing efficiency of working fluid, maintain the processing stability of working fluid, and maintain good cooling and chip removal.

3) Concentration management;

4) Regularly manage and dilute the three wastes for detection.

2. cleaning of machine tool circulation system

In our actual processing and production, the old liquid contains a large number of metal mixed powder and impurities such as molybdenum, iron, carbon powder and oil sludge. At the same time, there are some metal powder and sundries accumulated in the dead angle of water tank and the filter screen of pipeline and pump valve. Therefore, when changing liquid, the water tank, workbench and pipeline shall be thoroughly and fully cleaned, with a interval of 30 minutes (interval is a sterilization time), and cleaning required for 10 minutes each time.

Cleaning method:

1) The water can be added with proper amount of detergent, and the water pump can be turned on for 0.5 hours.

2) Dissolve 5% industrial cleaning agent and 0.2% of the bactericide of machine cycle system in 100% of the clean water. In winter, it is cleaned with boiling water with heating of no less than 60 degrees, and the water pump shall be opened for 0.5 hours and washed twice.

3. non woven fabric filtration

Filter out solid waste:

1) The old liquid is filtered with non-woven cloth, and the liquid gravity is used to separate the impurities such as oil sludge through the non-woven fabric.

2) It can filter out sludge and solid particles.

3) Conditional users can buy a portable oil filter to filter the old liquid twice.

4) The filtered sludge and solid particles are concentrated and stored.

5) Suppose there are 300 kg of old liquid, and about 60 kg of particles and sludge can be filtered out after two filtration.

6) According to the treatment specification of solid waste, solid waste of particles and oil sludge shall be packed with nylon bags and classified waste treatment.

4. add settlement agent to settle

Suppose there are 300 kg of old liquid, and the remaining 240 kg liquid after filtration in the previous process:

1) The supplier (such as mode petrochemical) added 2% - 5% of the total settling adsorbent and environmental protection activated carbon agent, and then precipitated after moderate stirring.

2) It can also be adsorbed by sea sand and changed into light color solution after being attached with the agent;

3) After moderate mixing, once precipitation and 1 and 2 of precipitation, semi fluid and semi solid waste will be produced, about 60 kg.

4) After 3-6 months of "semi fluid and semi solid waste" placed in open iron bucket, about 40 kg of water is dried and evaporated, about 20 kg of solid waste particles are generated, and nylon bags are packed. According to classification of garbage, solid waste is treated.

5. dilution and emission

Finally, add 180 kg of liquid left today, add 10 times tap water, or 1900 kg dilution. There is almost no pollution, and the diluted liquid can be discharged directly; It can also be used in the circulating online cutting processing liquid for twice, and also can be used for industrial floor washing and toilet cleaning.

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