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Granite Line Polishing Machine
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Granite Line Polishing Machine

Granite Line Polishing Machine HLMJX-12C  is equipped with multiple resin heads and PLC control system, which can continuously and automatically grind and polish slabs, It is very suitable for surface polishing of hard stone such as granite. With different types of polishing heads installed, it is also very suitable for polishing of marble, quartz.
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Polishing Machine Granite Marble

HLMJX-8/12/16/20/24C refers to the number of grinding heads that can be installed, such as 8 grinding heads, 12 touch heads, etc. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable and compact, the polishing technology is practical, the efficiency is higher, and the quality is reliable. Different types of stone can be processed according to different types of grinding heads. Especially suitable for surface polishing of marble, quartz stone and granite. Generally, a resin grinding disc is used, which is light in weight, low in power consumption and low in cost, but has a very high grinding efficiency. The operating system adopts PLC, the core parts of the machine adopt brand components, and the quality of the whole machine is guaranteed. With reliable quality HLMJX-8/12/16/20/24C are popular in both Chinese market and overseas market.

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