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Eps Plate Making Machine

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The Eps Plate Making Machine is a foam machinery that is used for manufacturing EPS plates. Wenzhou Pole Machinery Co., Ltd. offers this machine with different configurations and features. Whether it is for a single mold or multiple molds, it can satisfy the needs of customers. It is equipped with a safety system that detects faults and false alarms in the position data, motor running status, and other components.

The low-consumption EPS foam machine has three models with different production capacity. The most popular model is the HFP530A full automatic lightweight concrete wall panel system. This machine is operated by seven women and has an integrated hydraulic de-molding system. It is suitable for pallet stacking and reduces the breaking rate effectively. EPS Sandwich Wall Panels and Traditional ones are both made of fireproof material and are lightweight and environmentally friendly.

The fully automatic forming and cutting machine integrates forming and cutting. It is operated by a touch screen and PLC controller. It is a two-worker machine and can handle a variety of jobs at once. The EPS sandwich wall panel has an A-class fireproof class and is also environmentally friendly. This equipment is an excellent choice for any manufacturer of building and construction materials. The EPS Plate Making Machine is an essential piece of equipment for the production of EPS-based products.

EPS thermocol making machine is equipped with an energy recycling system. This helps to increase the vacuum efficiency and cut the vacuum cooling time by 50%. The high temperature demoulding can be performed with less than 7% moisture content. The cavity temperature should reach 75 degrees Celsius to achieve the best results. Furthermore, EPS thermocol making machine comes with an electrical control system. It realizes real-time monitoring and several fault alarms.

The low-cost EPS plate making machine has a stainless steel material gun and quick couplings for feed and material. The material gun is equipped with a hydraulic de-molding system and is ideal for pallet stacking. The hydraulic de-molding system reduces the broken rate of the EPS sandwich panels. It is also an A-class fireproof material. As a result, EPS sandwich walls are environmentally friendly and light.

EPS sandwich wall panel machine is an efficient and cost-effective machine for producing EPS plates. Its weight is only one-tenth of that of a concrete block. This is one of the advantages of the EPS plate making machine. Its lightweight and environmentally friendly, it is an energy-efficient machine. With its ease of use, it is easy to operate. You can start using it immediately. It is compatible with most industrial processes.

The CE-certified EPS thermocol making machine has high-efficiency and low-consumption process. It has a large-form forming area and high automatic degree. It can be used in multiple industries. Its large-size forming area provides a great amount of space and is easy to clean. Its compact design makes it easy to store. Its compactness also makes it a good choice for small-scale production.

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