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Different Types of Power Saws and Their Uses
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Different Types of Power Saws and Their Uses

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The Jigsaw: What is a Jigsaw used for?

The rotation of the jigsaw motor is converted into a vertical stroke, creating a fast up and down motion for the blade. This movement can be further amplified by a pendulum action. During the upward movement, the blade moves back and forth slightly, which allows to saw more easily and more quickly.

The jigsaw makes it easy to create straight or curved cuts in wood, plastics, metal and even tile but you have to use the proper blade for each material. For a clean cut, it is necessary to remove the pendulum function (for example for thin plates). For hard materials, it is advisable to drill a hole first inside the sawing area if you won’t start from the edge of the sheet.

The different jigsaw blades, depending on the material to be treated, can be fixed using a screwdriver or Allen Key, but modern jigsaws are now having a button used for that purpose, which makes the blade changing process very easy. It is recommended to secure the thin plates that are being cut to prevent the saw from moving the material upward, which could cause deformation and thus poor cutting quality.

Circular Saw: What is a circular saw used for?

We’ve talked about circular saws extensively in this guide. The blade is mounted directly on the motor shaft of the circular saw. The circular saw is equipped with an axle locking system and a safety switch for safe use.

Ideal for all work on site and / or the workshop. Perfect for joiners, cabinetmakers … Also used for miter cutting.

The circular saw also allows miter sawing, using the supplied guide to obtain straight cuts. For example, there is an indication on the machine that allows miter cutting at 45 °. There are also models for sawing thin metal plates, of course with the help of a suitable blade.

Band Saw: Why do we need a band saw?

The band  saw  rotates a closed steel band on itself. This machine is ideal for working with wood quickly and accurately. Can also be used to saw complex shapes.

The band saw offers the advantages of a jigsaw and also allows you to cut relatively complex shapes in materials. The band saw allows you to cut thick wooden pieces and other different materials. Depending on the width of the band saw, you can saw a thicker material. If you do not use the correct blade width, the cut will not be vertical.

Scroll Saw: What is a scroll saw used for?

The scroll saw is made up of a thin, short blade that goes up and down, and is only used to cut small objects, no thicker than a few millimeters. The sawing table of that saw makes it possible for making angle and curved precise cuts.

The scroll saw is used to cut difficult curves and complex shapes.

With a thin blade, you can saw the most complex shapes in a material not exceeding a few millimeters thick. The sawdust is blown through a small plastic tube, which makes it easy to see the cut line. The worktable can also rotate.

Table Saw: What is a table saw used for?

A table saw can be supplied with a table extension, a set of wheels and handles. Equipped with wheels, it is easy to move by one person. Sawdust suction system also available.

The table saw is used for boards and other long work pieces for precise straight cuts. You can adjust the exact dimensions from the blade to the blade guide. Tighten the blade guide, start the machine, and slowly slide the blade toward the workpiece. It is possible to collect sawdust under the saw. The height of the blade is also adjustable, to saw shallow grooves in long boards.

Reciprocating Saw: What is a Reciprocating saw used for?

The reciprocating saw is a universal tool. It is used for sawing jambs, wood, plastic, plasterboard and metals, for demolition work, as well as in the garden. With flexible blades, it is possible to work in hard-to-reach places, for example against a wall. This tool is not intended for precise works.

I always use my reciprocating saw to dismantle pallets used in DIY woodworking projects.

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