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Diamond Wire Saw Machine-ring Sawing Method

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This method is also known as the lasso sawing method. The essence is: the ring-shaped beaded diamond rope surrounds the sawed rock, and the diamond  wire saw machine drives the rope wheel to rotate and move, and the beaded diamond rope is pulled to cut the rock. The length of the cutting curve and the radius of curvature change from large to small.

This method is not only suitable for mining and cutting of working face, but also for plastic cutting after stone segmentation. This method is only used alone for the beaded diamond wire saw during operation.

When mining and cutting the working face, it can be used for vertical and horizontal cutting. When performing vertical cutting, it can cut directly in front of the machine standing above the level, and cutting in the front direction below the machine standing level.

The process of the ring sawing method of the diamond wire saw is: perforation-lasso-sawing.

Perforation: Perforate first at the design position of the sawing working surface. If it is vertical sawing, it needs to penetrate a vertical, a horizontal right angle to each other and intersecting holes. The aperture is 40-70mm. The vertical hole can be drilled by a drill, and the horizontal hole should be a horizontal guide trough type rock drill, which can penetrate a hole slightly higher than the ground, and can use the standard rod on the equipment to ensure accurate penetration with the vertical hole.

Lasso: After the two rope holes are penetrated, insert the beaded diamond rope into the vertical hole, take out the metal hook from the horizontal hole, butt the beaded diamond rope into an endless loop, and set it on the drive of the diamond sawing machine On the wheel. Open the diamond rope so that the two guide wheels and the two through holes should be on the same plane, in the correct direction, and not skewed. Sawing: Follow the operating requirements and steps to perform the sawing operation.

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