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Diamond Wire Saw Machine-downward Pressure Sawing Method

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This method is also known as the cable sawing method. The essence is that the beaded diamond rope is driven by the driving sheave of the sawing machine. With the help of the multi-purpose drilling machine or the pressure sheave of the cutting work column, the rope is pressed down in the hole to realize the sawing feed. The cutting curve is limited by the length of the working surface. The length and radius of curvature are not very different, and the cut rock is under the beaded diamond rope. This method is only suitable for mining and cutting of the working face, and cannot be used for plastic cutting after the stone is divided.

This method must be used in conjunction with multi-purpose drilling rigs or cutting work columns during operation. And can only cut vertically.

According to different equipments, there are several ways as follows:

1. Cooperate with a multi-purpose drilling rig or cutting work column to cut

When the field in front of the cutting step is open, it is suitable to install a diamond wire saw machine. Only one hole needs to be drilled on the working step to cooperate with the drilling machine for cutting. As shown in Figure 1-37. When the ore body has a natural bedding surface, this method is more suitable.

2. Cooperate with two multi-purpose drilling rigs or cutting working columns for cutting

When the length of the step is sufficient, it is necessary to saw the cutting surface parallel to the top line of the step slope, and two drilling rigs can be used to work. At this time, the drilling rig and the diamond wire saw machine are arranged in a straight line. If there is no trench, two holes must be drilled, and two drilling rigs can work together. As shown in Figure 1-38. If there is a trench, the drill (or cutting work column) can be placed in the trench, and the work can be coordinated.

The process of the down-pressure sawing method is: drilling-sawing. Since this method only needs to pierce vertical holes and does not need to pierce horizontal holes, there is no cable-through process.

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